Call for cash to help Earby flood defences

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A West Craven councillor this week called on Pendle Council to allocate £40,000 in its budget so flood defence works in Earby can be completed.

Coun. David Whipp told the council’s Executive four schemes had been identified in the town, costing a total of £157,500.

One of these had been carried out by Lancashire County Council at a cost of £15,000, and another costing £52,500 would be done next year, he said.

Work remained to be done at Keb Bridge and Water Street, with some of the money needed coming from Section 106 planning agreements, but there was still a shortfall of £40,000, he said.

Coun Whipp said: “Water Street is not named for no reason. There have been floods down there historically and with the weather problems elsewhere the chances of the Environment Agency doing the work are probably receding into the distance.”

Council leader Joe Cooney said the sum needed was a relatively small amount of money which he was sure could be found in the budget.

Following the meeting, Coun. Whipp added: “Despite the problems elsewhere, Earby has fortunately been flood free this winter. But there’s a great risk of flooding if we get a downpour on the hillside above the town.

“We’ve been working on several small scale schemes which will cut the chances of water invading people’s homes and property.

“A package of measures have been drawn up which will reduce flood risk on Earby’s Water Street.”

The first of the four schemes to be funded from the £157,500 project is to raise kerbs and adjust highway levels to direct water running down from Water Street into a new drainage “sump” located in the bus station to help reduce flooding to properties around the bus station including the Council offices.

Scheme Two is seeing infilling of sections of wall near the Conservative Club to keep flood water within the Beck, and is being prioritised by the Lead Flood Authority (Lancashire County Council).

Scheme Three, subject to discussions with Yorkshire Water, is a plan to remove surface water discharge into a sewer on Stoney Bank Road.

Scheme Four, subject to further investigation and flood modelling, would be to structurally repair sections of wall and increase the wall height along the beck and provide flood gates (with anticipated Environment Agency funding) at property access points between Keb Bridge and Earby Library in Water Street.