Call for urgent repairs on ‘danger’ road

Mire Ridge pothole. (S)
Mire Ridge pothole. (S)
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The top road from Colne to Trawden is breaking up badly and needs urgent work, say two Liberal councillors.

Coun. Tony Greaves and County Coun. Dorothy Lord have inspected the road which runs from Keighley Road via Carry Bridge, up Coal Pit Lane and over Mire Ridge to Trawden.

Collapsed wall in Carry Lane. (S)

Collapsed wall in Carry Lane. (S)

This followed concern from road users about the condition of the surface, especially with a cold snap forecast following weeks of heavy rain.

County Coun. Lord said that part of the wall down Carry Lane has collapsed, there are potholes and the road shows signs of breaking up in places all along the stretch from Carry Bridge to Trawden itself.

She said: “If we now get a spell of cold weather and frost and snow, the condition could become very dangerous.

“I have reported it to the county highways and I hope they will be able to mend the worst bits before they become really dangerous.”

If we now get a spell of cold weather and frost and snow, the condition could become very dangerous


Councillors have reported potholes at the bottom of Carry Lane by and on the bridge and on Coal Pit Lane (up the hill) in quite a few places.

As the road continues over Mire Ridge, the road is broken up in several places including by the Trawden boundary sign and on Colne Road going down into Trawden past the houses.

Coun. Greaves added: “The whole stretch from the bottom of Carry Lane is in a dodgy state.

“This is of course a well used route from the centre and top end of Trawden to Colne.

“Crumbling roads are a sign of the times and are going to get worse with the government-imposed spending cuts.

“But this is a well-used road even though it may look like a country lane.”

Clare Farrer, Lancashire County Council’s highways manager for Pendle, said: “We’ve still got some months of winter to go, which is when most damage is caused to our roads by wet weather and frosts, but as we move towards spring we’ll be assessing the condition of the whole network to inform our programme of maintenance for the next year.

“The pictures show some evidence of damage to the top road between Colne and Trawden and we’ll arrange for it to be inspected so that we can make any temporary repairs which may be needed for safety.

“The wall shown in the pictures appears to be on private land, and is the responsibility of the landowner to repair, but we’ll also inspect the wall and take any action needed to ensure safety of people using the road.”