Call for zebras rather than pelicans on Pendle roads

Graham Cannon on "Painful Pelicans".
Graham Cannon on "Painful Pelicans".

PENDLE politician Graham Cannon is calling for the killing of “Painful Pelicans” - but it is nothing to do with birds!

Chartered engineer and environmentalist Coun. Cannon, a UKIP members and vice-chairman of Foulridge Parish Council, believes the pelican crossings on our roads have a bad impact on both pedestrians and drivers.

He said: “It is widely agreed that walking round our towns and cities is better for our health, supports local shops, reduces many things like our carbon footprint, traffic congestion, air pollution etc. And perhaps less tangibly, it encourages human contact.”

But he added: “There is one massive obstruction to pedestrian movement - the ‘Painful Pelican’. It has happened to us all - you reach the kerb, press the button and wait, and wait, and wait. Eventually, you can’t stand waiting any more and you ignore the red light and dodge the traffic to get on your way.

“Its no better if you are driving. The traffic light shows amber then red, you stop but there is no one there! They have got bored and run across. So you wait, and wait, and wait, with no avail. And the new toucan crossings are even slower!”

Coun. Cannon said: “I have done an informal survey every time I wait, either on foot or by car, and I estimate about 60% of pedestrians ignore the red man.

“In contrast, the good, old-fashioned zebra crossing is a cheaper, simpler masterpiece. No car is stopped unless a pedestrian needs to cross and pedestrians hardly ever have to wait.”

And he concluded: “Let’s save money, save carbon and improve the streetscene by bringing back the zebra before it becomes extinct.”