Campaigners back to battle Barnoldswick house plan on Monday

Traffic which campaigners say is typical in Long Ing Lane, Barnoldswick, in an afternoon. (S)
Traffic which campaigners say is typical in Long Ing Lane, Barnoldswick, in an afternoon. (S)

Protesters in Barnoldswick are set for battle on Monday when a rejected house plan goes in front of Pendle Council’s Development Management Committee.

West Craven councillors rejected an application for 29 homes on land off Long Ing Lane in the town.

Since then, the “Save Barlick’s green fields” campaign group have been preparing to present their case again.

Top of the agenda is concern at another road junction being built on Long Ing Lane and footpaths across the proposed building site regarded by locals as public rights of way.

Protester Peter Crompton said: “At the meeting (in June), Ken Hartley said five junctions was unacceptable and Jennifer Purcell said somebody will be killed there one day.

“My presentation will feature those words. We hope to present the petition again which attracted 550 signatures and I shall mention the strong response from people on Facebook too.

“A piece on Barlick Now and Then asking for people to protest had 2,227 hits within 24 hours. The overwhelming majority of comments were against building on these green fields.”

Mr Crompton has asked for members of the Development Management Committee to have an afternoon site visit at the approximate time of a Silentnight shift change.

Campaigners say traffic using Long Ing Lane increases to its peak at this time.

Approximately 30 Evidence of Use forms have been collected by the protest group, ready to submit to Lancashire County Council in the hope that one particular footpath which goes right across the middle of the site can be officially rubber-stamped as a public right of way.

• An application for erection of 28 dwellings on the site of the former Hope Mill in Barnoldswick will also go in front of the Development Management Committee on Monday.

The plan for eight houses, 15 flats and five bungalows plus access from Skipton Road, estate roads and landscaping was deferred to the committee as West Craven councillors wished to see a section of Applegarth improved as a condition for approval.