Can you help Pendle Council save £1.75m?

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Have you got a money saving idea?

Pendle Council, like many local authorities, is facing an unprecedented challenge in overcoming a funding shortfall while working to maintain vital services for residents.

To make sure it balances its books, the council is identifying ways to tackle the funding gap.

And it’s launched a “savings challenge” again this year to get suggestions from residents on how to save money.

“We need to save at least £1.75m in the coming financial year because we’re getting 14% less funding from the Government,” said Dean Langton, the council’s head of finance.

“The scale of change in government grant funding will have a big impact on the affordability of the services we currently provide.

“We face a significant challenge and difficult decisions have to be made.

“That’s why we want people to have their say so that we can continue to work together and make savings in the best way possible – balancing our books while protecting key services for our residents.”

Coun. Linda Crossley, who oversees the council’s finances, said: “Suggestions may be small-scale or can involve significant changes to how we work and the services we provide. You can be radical, creative and imaginative, but you must be specific so that we can look into your idea closely.”

The council has pledged to look at all of the submitted ideas. If they’re practical, they may be considered at the budget setting meeting later this year.

But only ideas on spending decisions that can be taken by Pendle Council will be considered.

The “savings challenge” is running until Friday, November 11th.

To submit an idea go to and click on the Have your say section or contact Kris Barker on 661614 or e-mail