Changes to mail collection times

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Changes in collection times at post boxes across Pendle are being introduced.

Many boxes will now be emptied at 9am on six mornings a week.

But Royal Mail has moved to assure customers that a high level of late collection facilities – where boxes are emptied at 4pm or later – will be retained.

Some people had expressed concern that moving collection times to 9am would mean that first class mail posted after that time would not be collected until the next day, and therefore not delivered for two days.

But a Royal Mail spokesman said: “A significant decline in letter volumes means that many postboxes no longer cover their costs.

“Instead of taking the step to decommission uneconomic postboxes, Royal Mail has introduced changes to its collections arrangements across the UK.

“We would however like to reassure all our customers that we will retain a high level of access to late collection posting facilities (4pm or later).

“Over the next few months, changes to the collection times of a small percentage of boxes will be rolled out countrywide.

“Information will be provided for customers on the postboxes affected as we introduce the changes, indicating where their nearest late posting box will be located.

“Existing postboxes further than half a mile from a late posting facility are not included as part of these changes.”