CND AGM on Friday

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ANTI-NUCLEAR protestors are holding their AGM at Colne’s Open Door Centre on Friday.

East Lancashire Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament, a non-violent group focused on the banning of nuclear weapons, plans on meeting at 7pm.

The agenda includes looking at CND’s programme of annual events, such as the commemoration of the explosion at the Chernobyl nuclear power station in April, an information stall at the May Day Rally in Burnley, and the commemoration of the Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombings in August.

They will also discuss 2013 plans, including the Atomic Weapons Establishment demonstration on April 1st, and a visit from Bruce Kent to the area on his month-long Trash Trident national tour throughout April.

The group also supports other annual events, including the “Independence FROM America” demonstration at Menwith Hill in Yorkshire, on July 4th, and the International Keep Space for Peace week in October.

A spokesman from East Lancashire CND said that scrapping Trident is the primary focus for the group at the moment.

Members fear that millions of pounds are being unnecessarily spent on weapons of mass destruction at a time when austerity measures are biting hard.

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