Colne café scores ‘zero’ in hygiene inspection

The Green Chimney, Colne. (S)
The Green Chimney, Colne. (S)
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A Colne café has scored a zero after it was inspected on hygiene grounds by the council.

The Green Chimney in Albert Road was given the mark by Pendle Council following an inspection in September.

Although the café was given a zero rating, the contraventions were not serious enough for it to be deemed an imminent risk to health which would have required it to be closed by the council.

Stuart Arnott, Public Health Manager for food, health and safety said: “Pendle Council took prompt action to inspect The Green Chimney following complaints made alleging hygiene problems.

“We had to issue a zero Food Hygiene Rating which means ‘Urgent Improvement Necessary’.

“We’ve given them clear instructions on what they need to do and we provide specific advice from the national Food Standards Agency.

“It’s our job to see that the issues are resolved.”

The Green Chimney has got to keep its zero rating for three months but they can request another inspection visit after three months providing that work has been done to address the issues the council found during their inspection.

Mr Arnott added: “Depending on a second inspection, if they request one, they could potentially be re-graded.”

A spokesman from The Green Chimney said: “Everything is up to date and we have done everything the council requested.

“Unfortunately we cannot get reassessed for three months but everything is in order and the kitchen is spotless.

“We think the score is unjustified. Nothing has changed with the building since May when we scored a five, but we have gone to a zero in just a few months.”

Coun. Mohammed Iqbal, Leader of Pendle Council, said: “The food rating system is very transparent in the interests of public health.

“You can check out the rating of any food business anywhere in the UK on line thanks to the Food Standard Agency National web-site at

“Our council staff do an important job in inspecting premises and ensuring they have the right standards.

“This is a national requirement for local councils like Pendle and we have qualified staff to carry out inspections.

“I’m happy to say that overall, ratings of food businesses in Pendle are showing an increase, with the majority reaching the top rating score of five.

“Of the 830 food businesses in Pendle - including cafes, takeaways, restaurants, pubs, supermarkets and market stalls - 73% of them have a 5 rating which means their standards are ‘Very Good’.

“There is clear advice on our website about food handling and food safety to help food businesses comply with food safety regulations – visit:,” he said.