Colne dance school wins amazing 113 trophies at national event

The Helen Green dancers with their well-earned trophies.
The Helen Green dancers with their well-earned trophies.
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A Colne dance academy has swept its way to an astonishing 113 trophies at a national championships event, with every single one of the school's representatives coming home with a trophy.

The Helen Green Academy of Dance, based on Midgeley Street, took 45 dancers to the East Coast of England Championships at Skegness, a national event that saw around 25 dance schools face off against one another over the weekend of Friday, October 29th to Monday, November 2nd.

Some of the dancers were as young as four years old.

Some of the dancers were as young as four years old.

Impressing in the limelight and under competition pressure, the talented raft of performers - some as young as four years old - managed to better last year's haul of around 100 trophies across seven different individual and pairs events.

"We had a really good year last year but this year topped even that," said Helen Green, who owns and runs the academy. "There were lots of four- or five-year-olds who were a bit overwhelmed at first but then came home with these trophies nearly as big as them, so they were really really happy.

"I'm very proud of them," Helen added. "It's a good laugh as well as hard work. This is the biggest one we've ever done with the most attendees, so we're going from strength to strength."

Ahead of the championships, all the dancers were given nine routines they had to master before going on to perform in front of hundreds of spectators. Battling their way through recalls and rising to the challenge of executing solo dances, the academy's success is made even more impressive given that this was the first such competition for many of the dancers.

"We're absolutely aiming to better it next year," Helen said. "Some of the second places are aiming for first; when they came back they said: 'I want a bigger trophy next year.'"

Established in 1992, the academy is gearing up to celebrate its 25th anniversary this year with the landmark celebrations to be tied in with the academy's Christmas party, with Helen explaining: "We're going to try and bring in lots of the ex-pupils as well: we have a lot of children now whose parents used to dance at the school."

Having performed at the Remembrance Day event recently, lots of the dancers are also heavily involved in community efforts, and local pride is certainly something which shines through.

"We're always there representing Colne," Helen said. "It's one of the main things for us to be proud of because we set up here so long ago and everything we do is very community-based.

"We've always been super proud to be from here."