Colne disruptive neighbours move out

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Closure orders no longer need to be carried out on a Colne street - after disruptive neighbours moved out of their own accord.

Earlier this month we reported that hard-hitting measures were due to be enforced on certain residents living in Cleveland Street.

One neighbour said he had been living on a “street from hell” after various incidents, including noise nuisance, windows being smashed and fighting. He said that police were being called to the street nearly every day and in the most severe instance, a man had been caught brandishing a 10 to 12in. knife in broad daylight.

Police and Pendle Council had been tirelessly working on tackling the anti-social behaviour, but now it has been confirmed that the residents causing problems have moved out of their properties.

Sgt Shaun Pearson, of Pendle Police, said: “Due to their impending doom, they have now left.”