COLNE: ‘Human sundial’ plan for shopping centre

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AMBITIOUS plans to renovate parts of Colne town centre to pull in more shoppers have been unveiled by Pendle Council.

The project would see Dockray Street being re-pathed and spruced up and the outside of the library and Jobcentre in Market Street given a face-lift. Councillors hope that by renovating the road from the new Sainsbury’s supermarket in Windy Bank it will encourage shoppers to visit the town centre. The plans for the project are still in their early stages but the cost will be covered by the capital received from the Sainsbury’s development.

The blueprints were unveiled at a meeting of the council’s Colne and District Committee and were greeted with enthusiasm by councillors.

Coun. Tony Greaves said: “The proposed new landscaping for outside the library is quite exciting. At the moment the area is overgrown and looks a bit of a mess but this feature will make it much more attractive.”

The design for outside the library includes a human sundial which people can stand on to tell the time.

Coun. Greaves said: “The human sundial is particularly impressive and I hope it will attract people to the library and the town centre.”

The work outside the Jobcentre will be undertaken first as an extension to the refurfacing of the shopping precinct which is taking place at the moment.

The library revamp will follow and if there are enough funds remaining from the Sainsbury’s capital Dockray Street will also see improvements. Coun. Greaves said: “Dockray Street is also in need of improvements but this is the final project on the list and there may not be the money to cover it, so we would have to see if Lancashire County Council can offer financial support.

“Dockray Street is used both ways from people getting to Sainsbury’s from town and vice versa so it would be nice to see it resurfaced and given some attention.”

The plans for the town centre will be going to tender and will be discussed again by the council’s Colne Committee before work can start.