Colne mums launch shoebox appeal to help refugees

Poppy Anderson age 10 and Lexi Green aged 5.
Poppy Anderson age 10 and Lexi Green aged 5.
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Three Colne mums have launched a shoebox appeal to help provide aid to refugees after they were moved to act by the image of a dead child on a beach.

Seeing three-year-old Aylan al-Kurdi lying dead on a Turkish beach provided the catalyst for Lindsay Anderson of Millbrook Court and her friends to set up the Pendle Friends of Kos Kindness page.

The world itself has no borders. We are all citizens of the world

Lindsay Anderson

In doing so, Lindsay and her friends and fellow mothers Helen Green and Leah Jameson hope to play some small part in alleviating the suffering of some of those affected by the ongoing refugee crisis in Europe.

“Although it has been going on for years, it is just now people are starting to listen,” said Lindsay.

“What prompted me to take action had to be the image of that little boy. I have two children. It just broke my heart. I thought I can’t sit around and do nothing. The children are suffering and they are dying and that is not acceptable.”

A fuller list of items can be found on the Facebook page, but primarily the three friends are asking for warm clothing, hygiene and sanitary products and children’s toys.

Their page is one of many spontaneous, individualised acts of charity nationwide, but Lindsay would like to see more being done - including refugees being welcomed into local communities.

“The response so far has been heartwarming. I am hoping Pendle gets more behind the cause and lets some refugees come and stay.

“The world itself has no borders. We are all citizens of the world.”

For more information, including a list of suggest items and drop-off points, search Facebook for Pendle Friends of Kos Kindness.

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