Colne ‘rat run’ concerns to be discussed

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Lancashire County Council will be entering into talks with County Coun. Dorothy Lord and Coun. Ian Tweedie over “rat run” concerns in Colne.

Coun. Tweedie has contacted the county council’s Highways Department in a bid to install Speed Indicator Devices (SPIDS)along Harrison Drive and Birtwistle Avenue.

According to the councillor, there has been a problem with speeding on the roads for years, especially during rush hour

Responding, Paul Binks, road and transport safety manager, said: “We treat all concerns about speeding very seriously and work closely with the police to make our roads safer.

“We first assess the existing speeds before deciding on the best action to take, with speed indicator signs being one of the options. It is important to engage with local communities on these issues.”

And Coun. Tweedie added: “Accidents can still happen at low speeds and speed cameras and SPIDS are not a panacea.

“However, the overwhelming evidence shows that were such devices are installed, the number of serious accidents drops by a quarter