Colne residents object to alcohol licence application

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Dozens of residents attended a Colne community meeting to object to a new alcohol licence application.

Pendle Council have confirmed that proposals for a licence have been submitted for Unit 1, at Cotton Works Mill, in Knotts Lane.

If given the green light, the licence would be in force from 6am to 11pm, from Monday to Sunday.

And now concerned locals have come together to discuss their objections to the plans at the Waterside Neighbourhood Action Group meeting.

Fears raised included the fact there are “plenty of places that sell alcohol nearby”, that a new off-licence could spark disruption in the area, and that it could create “unwelcome noise”.

Talking about the meeting chairman of the group Derek Mann said: “We had about 25 people at the meeting, and now we are encouraging people who have views on this to put them forward to the council.

“There are a lot of people objecting to the idea of having another off licence in the town, as there is plenty of opportunity available to get alcohol already.”

And in a letter seen by the Colne Times, another resident Alice Mann added: “It is great news that the shop units which have been empty for many years are finally going to be open for business.

“However I strongly disagree with the proposal that this unit should sell alcohol and be open from 6am till 11pm.

“The shop is situated underneath apartments and close to terrace residential housing and I believe that it is unfair that these residents should have people coming and going as early as 6am.

“Considering all the places where alcohol can already be purchased in Colne it might not seem like a big deal that another one is to be added in Waterside however it does have an impact on the shopping choices of those living close by and I believe we need to start to check the culture that says it is acceptable to sell an addictive substance, as alcohol is, in such a casual way.

“It is a fact that alcohol increases the risk of various health conditions, such as heart and liver disease.

“Society as a whole needs to face up to the problem of how easy it is to purchase alcohol and hopefully in the residential streets in Waterside we can make a start. However we need the support of our Councils and government to achieve this.”

A Pendle Council spokesman said: “Residents have been informed of the application via a public notice in the local media and a public notice displayed outside the premises.

“As the application is currently in the objection period we’re unable to comment further.”

Residents have until June 10th to air their views about the application to Pendle Council.