Colne residents urged not to feed pigeons


Residents feeding pigeons in Colne are being warned their actions could result in more of the Columbidae species flocking to the town centre.

Posters and leaflets are currently being designed by Pendle Council’s localities team, urging locals to stop giving food to the wild birds.

The aim is to prevent Colne’s pigeon population from growing any further, avoid an increase in droppings and stop thrown food from attracting rats.

Food is the most important factor determining the size of any pigeon population, and the best known, long-term solution to pigeon problems is to restrict its availability.

Coun. Dorothy Lord, who raised the concerns, said: “We are never going to get rid of all the pigeons, but we don’t want to end up like Trafalgar Square.

“Some people in Colne like to feed the pigeons because they feel sorry for them, especially in Winter, and I do accept that. But they do not need to feel sorry for them, because they are wild birds, who can find their own food.

“If people keep throwing bread around, then it will encourage more and more pigeons, which will then entice rat problems and pigeon droppings.

“We have always had pigeons in Colne, and we don’t want it to get out of hand. It’s got to stop.

“You can’t stop people from doing this, unless there’s a bylaw - and there’s not. But we can ask them to think about it first.”

According to Pendle Council’s principal localities, communities and policy officer Rebecca Ramsay, the pigeon project is set to be completed in the next couple of weeks.

It is hoped that once finished council representatives will be out and about distributing their new documents and helping to clamp down on the increasing issue.