Colne residents want Sainsbury’s parking restrictions

The new Sainsbury's store in Colne.  A070710/1d
The new Sainsbury's store in Colne. A070710/1d

SUPERMARKET giant Sainsbury’s has issued an apology to Colne residents for inconvenience caused by its wagon drivers and shoppers.

The town’s store has been subject to criticism, after failing to stop its staff from using Norfolk Street as a point of entry to the site.

Shoppers also use the residential road to gain access to the store, and are said to block the delivery entrance due to their parking.

Midwife Emma Bateman, who has lived in Norfolk Street for 11 years, has said concerns about more traffic on the already congested road were raised during the planning process, and that the problems have been ongoing since the store opened in July, 2010.

She now feels it is time for stronger measures to be put in place, and has suggested putting double yellow lines on either side of the road, closing the Norfolk Street entrance to the public, and reminding shoppers to use designated car parking spaces, which can be accessed off Windy Bank or Windsor Street.

She said: “The major issue is parking. People are parking on double yellow lines outside the delivery entrance, and the zigzag lines where the zebra crossing is.

“A lot of it is lazy drivers that don’t want to sit in North Valley traffic and wait. It is inconsiderate.

“When I have talked to Sainsbury’s they have said themselves that wagons shouldn’t be coming down here. A lot of children play out on the street. It’s a busy road anyway, without all this.”

According to the mother-of-six, she has spent the past two years talking to store managers and Sainsbury’s transport office about the issues, and has even stopped the wagon drivers to remind them not to use the street herself. Police have also been informed.

On Tuesday, Mrs Bateman had a meeting with a member of the supermarket’s management team, and said she was assured that leaflets are going to be put on vehicles of shoppers parking wrongly.

She was also told that blue badge holders will not be exempt from receiving written warnings, and that security staff will be conducting checks on Norfolk Street every half hour.

Coun. Ann Kerrigan, who represents the Horsfield ward, is also hopeful that something will now be done to resolve the situation once and for all.

Coun. Kerrigan said: “Residents of Norfolk Street have had enough of the nuisance caused by the lorries from Sainsbury’s.

“I hope that Sainsbury’s can come to the table with some positive solutions that will put an end to this misery and show themselves as a good neighbour.”

Responding, a Sainsbury’s spokesman said: “Our stores always aim to be a good neighbour and we have reminded all our drivers that they are not to use Norfolk Street.

“We would like to apologise for the inconvenience this has caused.”

According to Mrs Bateman, another meeting is scheduled next month.