Colne’s Louie proves he is a ‘little fighter’

Louie Jenkins (2) in his portable bath.
Louie Jenkins (2) in his portable bath.

The proud mum of a Colne meningitis survivor has shared how far her “little fighter” has come - exactly two years after he had his legs and fingers amputated.

In February 2012, the relatives of Louie Jenkins went through one of the scariest days of their life, as their brave boy was forced to undergo a five-hour operation at Leeds General Infirmary.

The tot had been given the devastating diagnosis just a month before, and his mum Julie Jenkins remembers wondering whether she would ever see Louie “toddle”.

Now on his fifth pair of prosthetic legs, Louie (2) is continuing to go from “strength to strength”, enjoying weekly ballet lessons at Innisfree Private Day Nursery, in Langroyd Road, and playing happily on swings and slides.

Julie (32), of Chatham Street, said: “I remember the first time I sat down after coming out of the operation room, and I saw a little girl toddle past me. I thought, am I ever going to see Louie do that?

“I would never have thought in a million years that he would be going to nursery, doing ballet, and climbing, or that he would be the robust little boy that he is.

“We all needed Louie’s strength to get through everything. He does everything that he wants to do.”

And writing on Louie’s “Little LAMB Appeal” Facebook page she added: “Two years ago today was one of the scariest days I have ever had to experience but also the start to a wonderful new life.

“Today was the day I put my trust, dreams and hopes into some wonderful doctors hands as they took Louie down for his major operation where they would amputate both of his legs and the fingers on his left hand.

“We intend on making today a celebration of Louie’s new life, he is a courageous, enthusiastic, energetic young man with so much determination that I know he will go far and fight to get and do anything he wants.

“What more could a mother ask for?”

To commemorate the day, named by Julie as “Happy Day”, Louie and his family spent their weekend baking and painting together. According to Julie, the next step in Louie’s journey will be to adjust his current pair of prosthetic legs, since one has grown quicker than the other, and to continue adding to his fund.

The family are currently trying to raise money to buy Louie a downstairs wet room and bedroom for their new home.

A few events have already been held, and Louie’s sister Francesca (7) is set to do a sponsored walk over the Easter weekend - tackling Pendle Hill on the Saturday and Boulsworth Hill on the Sunday.

To make a donation on PayPal follow the link on the Facebook page at