Colne youngster urges residents to respect community

Niamh Renshaw (7) who has collected two bags of litter and is urging people to respect their environment.
Niamh Renshaw (7) who has collected two bags of litter and is urging people to respect their environment.

SHE may only be seven-years-old, but little Niamh Renshaw is already proving she could be a Colne councillor of the future.

The Christ Church Primary School pupil was left disgusted after she collected two full bags of rubbish, which included bottles, cans, and discarded food wrappers, from Ruskin Avenue.

Now, the youngster is urging others to respect their environment, and has written to Leader of Pendle Council. Coun. Joe Cooney and the Colne Times to express her disgust.

Niamh, who enjoys trampolining and swimming, made the messy discovery when she was walking back from a concert with Pendle Children’s Choir. The event was celebrating North Valley Community Centre’s 25th anniversary.

In her letter the Year 2 pupil, who is also a member of a samba band, said: “It was the filthiest place I have ever seen.

“I think people should respect their road and community.

“I hope you can do something about this. Thank you.”

And proud dad Matthew (37), of Cotton Tree Lane, said: “She has since said that she is going to organise a lot of school friends to litter pick at Ball Grove Park. She said ‘what can I do now?’.”

Responding, Coun. Joe Cooney said it was “disappointing” to hear that Niamh had managed to collect two bags of rubbish.

He said: “It is always nice to get letters off residents.

“We do have litter pickers and road sweepers, but unfortunately we can’t be everywhere at once.

“Other people should take a leaf out of Niamh’s book and follow her example.

Ruskin Avenue is not known to Pendle Council as a problem area for littering, but as a result of Niamh’s letter the street will be monitored over the next month.

David Walker, waste services manager, said: “Well done to Niamh. She’s clearly got a lot of community spirit and cares about where she lives.

“I hope the example she sets is a reminder to all residents that they too can play a part in helping to keep the borough litter free.”