Committee’s call for housing action

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Pendle Council’s Brierfield and Reedley Committee has given its unanimous backing to a call for urgent action to improve the condition of the Sackville Street part of the Railway Street Regeneration Area.

The move was led by Coun. Nawaz Ahmed, who said: “There are many empty properties around Sackville Street and Railway Terrace and the condition of the area is appalling.

“Houses are boarded up, trees are growing in back gardens, causing garden walls to lean and these could collapse at any time.

“Many of the gardens of houses which are boarded up are full of rubbish, and damp rising from these houses is causing further damp to neighbouring properties.”

Coun. Ahmed called on members to make sure that the owner of land at the front of Railway Terrace was held responsible for keeping this area clean and tidy.

He said: “Environmental visual audits are carried out on a monthly basis, but they have failed to address these problems.

“The condition of each property makes it unsuitable for living and actually dangerous and is therefore a threat to the health of each resident.

“The majority of household members have no financial means to regenerate their homes.”

He proposed:

l To declare the area as an “Action Area”.

l To invite the Executive for a site visit together with the ward councillors, residents and the health and environmental team.

l That if these houses are found unfit for living then the residents need to be given the options which were given to the residents of the Clitheroe Road area.

l Residents should be moved to a safe living location.

l Proceeds from the sales of Holden Road, Quaker Heights, Lob Lane Mills Flats, Improvement for sale schemes and 72–80 Burnley Road should be kept in Brierfield for the improvement of the Railway Street Corridor.