Concerns on food labelling

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A Nelson food store owner has expressed concern about the fact that Government Ministers are suggesting sell-by dates on food packages should be scrapped.

Mr Danny Sheikh, who used to have a shop called “Tagit” in Scotland Road, Nelson, but now has a food and home materials store called “Loose Change and Label It” in Parker Lane, Burnley, hopes date systems will be improved rather than removed from food packaging.

The UK throws away about £12 billion of edible food every year because of the dates on them.

Mr Sheikh said: “I think it’s vital to have dates on food – I agree with it. But I don’t think they are right at the moment. I think the definition is wrong.

“There are three types of dates on food material. All I am thinking to say is that the definition of ‘best before’ is not understood by consumers. It’s a waste of money but improvements could make sure food is safe. I want the Government to improve labelling rather than scrap it.”