Council election candidates are announced

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The list of candidates who will be standing in the Pendle Council elections on May 7th has been announced.

Voters will go to the polls to elect new councillors in 17 of the council’s 20 wards – there are no elections this year in Marsden, Walverden and Whitefield wards.

And people in Barrowford will have the chance to elect two new councillors – Coun. Linda Crossley is standing for re-election and as we reported last week, Coun. Tony Beckett has stood down a year before the end of his term due to ill health.

The Conservatives, currently the largest party on the council, are defending nine seats in total – two in Barrowford and others in Blacko, Boulsworth, Craven, Earby, Foulridge, Higham and Pendleside and Vivary Bridge – the seat of present council leader Joe Cooney.

Labour is defending five – Bradley, Brierfield, where the deputy Mayor, Coun. Nawaz Ahmed, is the candidate, Cloverhill, Reedley and Southfield.

And the Lib Dems are defending four – Coates, Old Laund Booth, Horsfield and Waterside, where the current Mayor of Pendle, Coun. Graham Roach, defends his seat.

Of the councillors coming to the end of their terms of office, Coun. Ann Kerrigan (Liberal Democrat. Horsfield) is not standing for re-election, while Labour’s Richard Smith had already resigned from his seat in Cloverhill earlier this year.

The Conservatives currently have 18 councillors, Labour has 17, the Liberal Democrats 11 and the British National Party one. There are two vacant seats.

The full list of candidates is attached. Current councillors are denoted by an asterisk.

Barrowford: *Linda Crossley (Con.), Sue Nike (Lab.), Mark Porter (Lab.), Mick Waddington (UKIP), Christian Wakeford (Con.)

Blacko and Higherford: Graham Cannon (UKIP), *Noel McEvoy (Con.), Robert Oliver (Lab.).

Boulsworth: David Foat (Lab.), Heather Greaves (LD), *Paul White (Con.).

Bradley: Tony Leather (UKIP), Bernard Variyam (Con.), *Nadeem Younis (Lab.).

Brierfield: *Nawaz Ahmed (Lab.), Keith Wilkinson (Con.).

Cloverhill: Wayne Blackburn (Lab.), Ben Robinson (UKIP), Janice Taylor (Con.).

Coates: Alan Newbould (Lab.), Harry Purcell (Con.), *Claire Teall (LD), Jane Wood (Green).

Craven: Ian Barnett (Green), Dorothy Baxter (UKIP), Richard Milner (LD), *Jennifer Purcell (Con.), Yvonne Tennant (Lab.)

Earby: *Morris Horsfield (Con.), Edward Johnson (UKIP), Ian Lyons (LD), Hannah Wilkinson (Lab.).

Foulridge: David Johns (Lab.), *Graham Waugh (Con.).

Higham an d Pendleside: George Adam (Lab.), *James Starkie (Con.).

Horsfield: Jonathan Nixon (Con.), David Penney (Green), Joanna Roach (LD), Christine Stables (UKIP), Ann Marie Wrigley (Lab.).

Old Laund Booth: Laura Blackburn (Lab,), Jill Hartley (Con.), *Brian Newman (LD).

Reedley: *Robert Allen (Lab.), Tony Cornes (Green), Jackie Grunsell (Trade Unionists and Socialists Against Cuts).

Southfield: Saanval Safir (Con.), *David Whalley (Lab.), James Wood (LD).

Vivary Bridge: *Joe Cooney (Con.), Leah Jamieson (Green), John Rowe (BNP), Russell Tennant (Lab.), Mary Thomas (LD).

Waterside: Ian Graham (Lab.), *Graham Roach (LD), Ashley Sutcliffe (Con.), Gary Topping (British Democrats).