Council leader facing vote of no confidence

Mohammed Iqbal (s)
Mohammed Iqbal (s)
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The Conservative group has tabled a vote of no confidence in the Leadership of Pendle Borough Council, which will be put to a vote on Thursday, December 15th.

If it is successful, the Leader of Pendle Borough Council, Coun. Mohammed Iqbal, will be removed, and councillors will decide on a new Leader of the Council.

Following the recent by-election in which the Conservatives gained from Labour, the current numbers of councillors on Pendle Borough Council is 22 Conservative, 16 Labour, 10 Lib Dem and 1 BNP.

The Labour Party and Lib Dems formed an alliance in May to run Pendle Borough Council, excluding the Conservatives despite the Tories representing more people in Pendle than any other party. At the time, the Conservatives asked for all three parties to be represented on the Council’s ruling body but Labour and the Lib Dems rejected this.

Following the by-election in Reedley, the Tory group believes is has more support than ever and feel that it is fundamentally wrong that the other parties are blocking them from being represented on the Executive.

By raising this vote of no confidence, they hope to remove the Leadership of Pendle Borough Council and therefore be able to form an all-party Executive politically representative of all of the people of Pendle, to work to represent all of the residents of Pendle.

The Conservatives have also requested additional representation on Taxi Licensing.

Leader of Pendle Conservatives Coun. Joe Cooney said: “Only the Conservatives are represented in every area of our Borough, and so we are well placed to represent the views of the whole Borough.

"This is a move to ensure that the people who voted Conservative have their views heard. We’re not asking for control of the Council, just for our seats at the table, which we’ve been excluded from. That isn’t democracy, and there’s room for all of us to have an input, particularly the largest Group on the Council. To continue to exclude us would be an insult to the democratic process and to those people who voted for us."