Council set for 40th birthday

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It’s great to hear that a campaign is being launched to give Pendle a new lease of life – and it will mark the 40th anniversary of Pendle Council being established!

It was set up back in 1974 so it is its birthday next year.

Councillors are determined to make sure the borough will have even more success in the future, and the Executive has revealed its plans for “Brand Pendle” and they are aiming to make it clear it is a great place to work, live and play!

They are, of course, having to look at the financial situation and they will have to make lots of cuts. But the new initiative will help to make sure things get better and better in the years ahead.

They will be looking at things with a whole series of organisations with the aim to boost growth. So they are going a great job to boost Pendle and bringing in more business. Happy Birthday Pendle!