Councillors agree new taxi safety rules

stricter rules are to be brought in to ensure taxis operating in Pendle are safe.

Members of Pendle Council’s Executive approved the new measures at a meeting on Thursday - and more than 20 hackney and private hire drivers were there to lend their support.

Several drivers spoke during the meeting, with drivers chairman Mohammed Akram acknowledging there were “some bad apples” amongst local drivers.

“The condition of the vehicles depends on how the operator looks after them. We have some bad apples and there should be some form of hardship on them. It’s like running a family at home - if you can’t ;ook after them, Social Services come and take them away.

“We need something in place to sagfeguard our trade. We do not want to keep coming back to you,” he said.

The chairman of the council’s Taxi Licensing Committee, Coun.Pauline McCormick, said there were 371 taxis on Pendle’s roads and 60 were spot tested each year - meaning more than 300 were not.

Coun. Mike Blomeley said it was important that taxis were maintained in a safe condition so that people who used them could feel secure.

The Executive agreed that if a vehicle failed a garage test or spot check with one or more serious faults, it should be tested three times a year and subject to a four-month licence.