Couple celebrate 65 years of marriage

James and Joyce McLoughlin who are celebrating their 65th wedding anniversary.
James and Joyce McLoughlin who are celebrating their 65th wedding anniversary.
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A couple from Colne have been celebrating their blue sapphire wedding anniversary this week after being married for a staggering 65 years.

James and Joyce McLoughlin, both 86, met when they were both working in the mills where James was working in preparation and Joyce was working as a grinder.

After falling in love the pair tied the knot at the old St Thomas’ Church in Barrowford on a misty midsummer’s morning in June 1950, a day that the couple say they’ve cherished ever since.

“It was a brilliant day,” said James.

“It sounds like a long time but it’s absolutely flown by, I remember it like it was yesterday and it still feels like yesterday.”

For their honeymoon the couple decided on a seaside trip to Morecambe, and in a break from tradition they took the entire family, including some of their aunties and uncles.

James added: “Again we had a wonderful time with the entire family, some of them didn’t tell us they were coming they just turned up when we were there.

“But we wouldn’t change it for the world we had a great time.”

They have three children, six grandchildren, and 10 great grandchildren, and have been celebrating this week with the family for their special occasion, and even received a telegram from the Queen.

James, who is originally from Liverpool, says he wants to go on another holiday to celebrate the anniversary and is hoping to go a little further afield this time, but admits he still needs to get Joyce to warm to the idea.

“I want to take her on a river cruise or something similar, even if we can’t go too far and it’s just the River Mersey I think Joyce would like it but I still need to convince her,” he said.

The inspirational couple admit that they’ve had their ups and downs, but the secret to a long and happy marriage is to work hard and pull together.

“When you’re married you need to give and take rather than just take all the time , you need to pull together as a couple,” said James.

“Just as important, we’ve always said you shouldn’t let the sun go down on an argument.”