Ambulance plan to move in with police in Barnoldswick

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Plans have been submitted to Pendle Council for change of use to Barnoldswick Police station to incorporate the ambulance service.

In March, news emerged that the North West Ambulance Service (NWAS) were looking to merge locations from current site on Brogden View to a shared facility with either the police on Rainhall Road or the fire service on Wellhouse Road.

A major review has been undertaken by the NWAS to consider the future of its 108 ambulance stations across the region as the Trust needs to make £10m. of savings each year for the next three years.

It is believed that if planning permission is approved by Pendle Council, the move could happen by the end of 2012 and would save the NWAS over £30,000 a year.

Subject to approval, a decision on the future of the Brogden View site has yet to be made.

The changes needed to be made to the police station are described as minor and include alterations to car parking to accommodate two ambulances and the insertion of a window on a gable end.

Ambulance staff will share building facilities, use the adjacent garage for the emergency ambulance, another garage for storage while two other ambulances will be situated on the shared car park.

The NWAS has also stressed the point that when an ambulance crew commences its shift, they usually only return to that base for meal breaks, vehicle cleaning or restocking the ambulance and that patients requiring an ambulance will be attended to by the nearest available ambulance.

Peter Mulcahy, Head of Service for the Cumbria and Lancashire area, said: “This move will greatly improve the current facilities for staff and vehicles, and will also help share running and maintenance costs.

“I would like to reassure the residents of Barnoldswick that ambulance provision remains the same.

“A great deal of mapping work has been undertaken in terms of reviewing ambulance demand in the area and as the police station is more centrally located than the current site, this give us better access to the residents of Barnoldswick.

Quality patient care is always at the top of our agenda and we will continue to strive to deliver the right care in the right time.”

Insp. Phil Davies, of Pendle Police said: “I’m delighted that we will potentially be sharing accommodation with North West Ambulance Service which shows our continued commitment to serving the public in West Craven and will help us to develop a strong partnership with NWAS.

“This can only help to improve the service we provide especially to the elderly and vulnerable in the area whilst helping to save money for both police and ambulance services.”