Anti-social behaviour drops by 13% in Pendle

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IT’S official - Pendle once again has some of the lowest crime rates in Lancashire.

Since the launch of Pendle Community Safety Partnership, a concept bringing together a number of organisations including the police, councils, fire and rescue, and the community sector, the rate of crime has plummeted to its lowest figure since 2003.

Geoff Whitehead of Pendle Community Partnership said: “It’s been a terrific collaboration. Crimes affect our quality of life and sense of safety so we’re delighted that together we’re continuing to make Pendle a safer place to live.”

He went on to explain that their plan was to reduce violence, criminal damage and serious crime, which includes burglary, robbery and car crime.

And current figures validating his claims show that over the last twelve months-

l Serious acquisitive crime has fallen by 13.2%

l Violent crime has been cut by 5.9%

l Anti social behaviour has fallen by 13%

Mr Whitehead said that the figures were impressive given the unprecedented fall of all types of criminal activities over the last eight years.

He added: “We know that the perception of our residents is that crime rates aren’t falling, but latest figures clearly show that we’re continuing to see fewer crimes committed here.

“Of course, it’s little comfort for someone who has been a victim of crime but the numbers show there are fewer victims.”

To add to this wealth of positive feedback, a survey conducted earlier in the year revealed that Pendle residents can see an improvement in the amount of anti social behaviour in their area.

Anti-social behaviour co-ordinator Tim Horsley said: “It’s extremely positive that residents are supporting the work we’re doing. However when anti-social behaviour happens, we urge everyone to continue to report it.”

Chief Inspector Jeff Brown added: “These figures are testament to the hard work of all agencies involved in reducing crime and making our neighbourhoods safer. But they couldn’t have been achieved without the support of local communities.’’

If you would like to report any form of anti-social behaviour, please call 661502 or do it online at