Banned Burnley driver drove to work so he could 'send money back home to his family'

Burnley Magistrates' Court
Burnley Magistrates' Court

A banned driver who got behind the wheel told magistrates he had had to go to work.

Father-of-one Dimitar Valkov (40), who is from Bulgaria, said he sent money home every week for his family.

The Burnley Bench was told Valkov had been ordered off the road for 20 months in April and was not supposed to drive again until December next year.

He was spotted by police in the early hours on Barden Lane, in the town, on October 14th. The defendant had passengers on board.

Valkov, who was assisted by an interpreter, told the hearing: "I know what I have done and I would like to see the least possible punishment for that.”

The defendant said he had had to go to work. He sent money home to Bulgaria, where his 11-year-old daughter lived with his mother, who was having heart surgery.

Valkov, who has been in this country for a year, admitted driving whilst disqualified and not having insurance.

The defendant, of Waterbarn Street, Burnley, was given 240 hours unpaid work and was banned for 18 months.