Banned Burnley driver facing jail after repeatedly lying to police

Burnley Magistrates' Court
Burnley Magistrates' Court
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A cannabis using banned driver who lied repeatedly to police and didn't provide a blood test was this morning facing jail.

Burnley magistrates heard how Usman Ajaz (26) was still disqualified because he had not taken a re-test after being convicted of dangerous driving.

He had smelled of drugs and his eyes were glazed when he was stopped by officers in Barley.

Ajaz, who was on licence from prison, gave a relative's name to the police at the roadside and again at the station.

When questioned later, after being rumbled by his fingerprints, he said the lying had gone that far, he hadn't known how to get out of it.

Mrs Tracy Yates, prosecuting, said police stopped a Toyota Yaris and the driver provided the details of Wakas Pervaz. The person provided a positive drugs wipe.

He was taken to the police station, gave the details of Wakas Pervaz throughout all the procedures and failed to provide a sample of blood. Officers were made aware by the Fingerprint Bureau that false details had been given, that it was Ajaz and he was a disqualified driver.

Mrs Yates said the defendant was interviewed on January 17th and said he knew he shouldn't be driving and panicked when he was stopped. He said he had given false details to the police, had been too far on with the lie and didn't know how to get out of it.

The prosecutor continued: "He said he thought about telling the truth, but he couldn't. After being released, he was going to hand himself in. He said he was sorry."

The defendant's solicitor said Ajaz was charged under a false name and was going to make arrangements with the police to surrender himself. #

The lawyer continued: "He realised what he had done was gravely wrong, but he just couldn't reverse the lie he told. He lied at the roadside, went to the police station and lied again, but eventually they catch up with you and they did."

The solicitor said the defendant didn't provide a blood test and continued: "There is no good reason, except perhaps he was extremely nervous."

Ajaz smoked cannabis on a recreational basis. The lawyer added: "He is extremely remorseful for his actions. "

The defendant, of Meadow Close, Burnley, admitted driving whilst disqualified and not having insurance in Barley Lane and obstructing police on January 11th and failing to provide a specimen of blood for analysis.

A warrant had been issued after he left court, but he later returned and was due to be sentenced by Blackburn magistrates this morning.