Barnoldswick burglar avoids prison

Burnley Crown Court.
Burnley Crown Court.
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An ex-top young boxer smashed his way into his friend’s home and raided it after a “Mad Friday” cocaine binge.

However, he knew nothing about it until he woke up at home with some of the £1,000 haul by his bed, a court heard.

Jordan King (18), had no idea how he got from Colne to Barnoldswick where the break-in occurred.

He did remember waking up in the kitchen of his friend’s house and finding himself slumped over the breakfast bar with a brick at his feet and later in his own bed with the loot behind him.

King couldn’t remember stealing any of it, but realised to his horror what he had done when he looked inside a purse he had taken and saw his friend’s mum’s driving licence.

Burnley Crown Court heard King was caught because he had re-registered a Kindle he had pinched in his own name.

He had struck while the friend’s mother slept on the sofa in the lounge, pinching property just feet away from her and leaving her scared and angry when she found out.

Most of the property, including a Kindle Fire, an iPad 4 with case, a tablet computer and a Next purse, was not recovered.

Jobless King, of Melville Avenue, Barnoldswick, had admitted burglary and also pleaded guilty to possessing cannabis.

The defendant had never been in trouble before and it was that which saved him from jail.

Judge Jonathan Gibson told him: “I tell you frankly if you weren’t of good character I would have sent you straight to a young offenders’ institute.

“I think there is probably every likelihood this is an individual offence which won’t be repeated. I hope you have learned your lesson.”

King received eight months in custody, suspended for 18 months. He must go to an attendance centre for up to 24 hours, obey an 18 week curfew between 11pm and 6am and pay £500 compensation.

The hearing was told the burglary took place between 3am and 5am. The victim awoke and felt a draft from the kitchen. She then found a brick on the worktop and the window smashed. The back door was also open.

Prosecutor Stephen Parker said the mother-of-three found property had been stolen.

Later that day, she contacted Amazon to stop her Kindle account and was informed the device had been re-registered that day by somebody called Jordan. The victim thought her son’s friend may be the culprit.

Police went to the defendant’s address the day after and spoke to his mother who expressed concern about her son’s behaviour and suspected drug use.

A number of items were recovered from his bedroom and under questioning, Mr Parker said King admitted going out on “Mad Friday” and had taken Class A drugs all weekend and the weekend after.

Richard Taylor (defending) said: “He has very, very badly let himself and his family down. He has gone completely off the rails.

“He feels shame, horror and remorse for what he’s done and is disgusted at himself.”