Barnoldswick man stalked his wife

Burnley Magistrates Court
Burnley Magistrates Court

A BARNOLDSWICK dad of three who stalked his former wife was told by magistrates he must accept the relationship was over.

The Pennine Bench heard how Antony Craig Brewster (38) sent Lisa Brewster text messages insulting her and turned up uninvited at her Barnoldswick home between April 30th and June 27th.

He was also said to have tipped her bin over and let a rabbit out after seeing the victim in a pub with her new boyfriend.

Brewster, who used to drink to excess, but says he might now only have a few beers on a Saturday night, said he wished he could turn the clock back to when times were happier.

The defendant, of Valley Road, admitted harassment without violence. He was given a 12-month community order with 100 hours unpaid work. The Bench told him he must come to terms with the marriage breakdown. The chairman added: “Please behave in an adult manner for your children’s sake.”

Ms Julie Reddish (prosecuting) said the defendant and victim had been married for 11 years. The relationship had not been without its problems and divorce proceedings were now ongoing.

Brewster had been given a warning over harassing Mrs Brewster but, despite that, had continued to text her, being abusive. The defendant had 13 previous convictions.

Mr Glen Smith (defending) said he used to drink to excess regularly, but in the last five weeks had not had any alcohol, apart from a few beers on a couple of Saturdays.

He had shown remorse, embarrassment and disbelief he could react in this way to the end of the relationship. The union between he and his wife had been troubled and she had made the decision to end it. The defendant felt shame the relationship was over and wished he could turn the clock back.

Mr Smith added Brewster had gone into his wife’s back yard and overturned a bin to make a childish point. The solicitor added: “He can’t believe a man of his age can act so childishly.”