BARNOLDSWICK: Owner must pay up £600 for letting her dog foul

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AN environmental crime officer has said his team are cracking down on irresponsible dog owners and has appealed for residents to help.

Andrew Peart spoke to Earby parish councillors after there had been complaints about dogs running loose in Earby cemetery and dog mess around Rostle Top Road and the football pitch at Hill Top.

Mr Peart said the enforcement team relies on detailed descriptions from the public reporting offenders.

A woman from Barnoldswick was ordered to pay over £600 for allowing her dog to foul after it was spotted by a PCSO running loose on Valley Road.

Heather Sharples (43), of Wellhouse Road, failed to attend Reedley Magistrates’ Court and the case was proved in her absence. The court imposed a fine of £525 plus £75 costs and a £15 victim surcharge.

On September 27th. 2010, Barnoldswick PCSO Neil Wallin witnessed Ms Sharples’s dog, which was out on its own, foul land next to the park entrance on Valley Road before returning to Ms Sharples’s house.

The environmental enforcement team gathered enough evidence to issue Ms Sharples with a fixed penalty notice, which results in a fine of £75.

But she did not pay this and as a result ended up being taken to court.

Coun. James Starkie said: “This case is an excellent example of the council and police working together. Without PCSO Wallin’s evidence, we would not have been able to bring about this prosecution.

“This woman has behaved very irresponsibly, not just for allowing her dog to foul but for letting it out on its own.

“We’re doing a lot of work around making people aware of the anti social aspects of dog fouling and the risks to people’s health.”

Mr Peart said: “We are grateful for any information people have but we need details like physical descriptions and times.

“We need to use people’s eyes and ears.”

He also said the team is considering petitioning for by-laws which would enforce dogs being kept on leads in problem areas.

To report dog owners, call the council’s contact centre on 661743 or fill in a form at