Big drop in crime figures in Nelson

Nelson police station
Nelson police station

CRIME fell by 11.3% in Nelson last month compared to the same period a years ago.

Figures presented to Pendle Council’s Nelson Committee by Insp. Phil Davies showed there were 188 crime incidents last month compared with 212 in October, 2010.

There were eight house burglaries in the town last month, seven in Marsden and Southfield and the other in Cloverhill and Walverden, compared to seven last year.

Vehicle crime was up from 19 to 24, with incidents shared across the four divisions - Marsden and Southfield (seven), Cloverhill and Walverden (six), Whitefield (six) and Bradley (five).

There was a sharp reduction in violent crime from 61 incidents to 44, with Marsden and Southfield (13) seeing the highest rate, followed by Cloverhill and Walverden (11), Bradley (five) and Whitefield (three).

And other burglaries rose from 17 to 21, with Marsden and Southfield (seven) again having the highest rate, Cloverhill and Walverden having six and Whitefield and Bradley four each.