Boat owner turned up at Reedley marina cafe armed with knife

Burnley Magistrates Court
Burnley Magistrates Court

A BOAT owner who caused trouble by turning up at a marina cafe armed with a 12-inch knife, could end up behind bars.

Burnley magistrates heard how engineer David Johnson (52) made threats at the start of the rumpus and shouted and swore at three people he believed had insulted a close personal friend. He told one man he didn’t care if he had had a heart attack and after he produced the blade a barmaid believed he was going to attack somebody.

Johnson was eventually calmed down as the group tried to take the knife off him.

The defendant, of Reedley Marina, Barden Lane, Burnley, admitted affray and possessing a knife blade/ sharp pointed article in public on August 19th at the marina.

He was committed on bail to the crown court for sentence on October 19th.

Mrs Alex Mann (prosecuting) said the incident took place at the Kingfisher Cafe. Johnson was swearing and shouting: “You three have upset her”, and threatened: “I will have you outside.”

People were trying to calm him down. He then said: “I will show you”, left the premises and returned less than a minute later, with something by his side.

Mrs Mann said Johnson walked up to one man, holding a long knife in his hand and held it towards the victim as the barmaid called the police.

Mr Keith Rennison (defending) said he believed three people had insulted his friend. He wanted to find what had gone on, but admitted he clearly went over the top.

He never made any threats to use the knife, which was a rusty old gardening knife he used for cutting wood on his boat.

The solicitor said the defendant had no previous convictions. He added: “This is completely out of character for this gentleman.”