Brierfield bodybuilder thought drugs were ‘exercise supplement’

Burnley Magistrates Court
Burnley Magistrates Court

A BODYBUILDER caught with amphetamines believed the powder was an exercise supplement, a court heard.

Gym-goer Muzzammil Iqbal (20) was found to have 1.5g of the substance after a car crash in Nelson but claimed he was given the powder to boost his workouts.

The defendant, of Berry Street, Brierfield, pleaded guilty to possession of the Class B drug at Pennine Magistrates’ Court.

The court heard how Iqbal was arrested after a car crash in Nelson around midnight on August 27th last year.

Police reported a number of males in the badly damaged silver vehicle which ploughed into a lamppost.

Breathalyser tests were carried out at the scene and a doctor was called in to perform an impairment test but the court was told officers could not identify who had been driving the vehicle.

Iqbal was found to have a small wrap of amphetamines and was charged with possession of the Class B drug.

Mr Adnam Hanif (defending) said his client did not realise the powder was a controlled drug when he bought it.

The solicitor said: “He has bought a number of supplements. He was bodybuilding. This particular supplement, he was told, would help him train harder without getting tired.

“He had it in his possession but had not had chance to use it. He believed it was a supplement. He pleaded guilty on the basis he did not know what it was. He now accepts it is a controlled drug.”

Sentencing, magistrates gave him a £75 fine and a £20 victim surcharge which he did not have to pay and was contained in the court for a specified time.