Brierfield man attacked four ex-partners in four years

Burnley Magistrates Court
Burnley Magistrates Court

A MAN who has now attacked four ex-partners in four years walked free from court – not even owning up to the latest beating.

Jobless Paul Anthony Bamber (23) set about young mum Rachel Boyd as she was on the school run, grabbing her around the neck on a canal bank and squeezing so hard she was struggling to breathe.

He told the victim: “If you go to the police, you won’t be able to speak.”

Burnley magistrates were told how her child was so distressed the youngster ran off to try to find help.

The child was said to have cowered in the corner of the room when Bamber had previously meted out violence to the victim, starting one month into their five-month relationship.

Miss Boyd, who is pregnant by the defendant, was left with a sore head and shocked. Bamber, of Wesley Street, Brierfield, had denied assault by beating on May 29th, but had been convicted after a trial in front of a district judge.

Still protesting his innocence, he appeared for sentence and was given 18 weeks in prison, suspended for a year, with supervision and 60 hours’ unpaid work. He must also pay £50 compensation and £50 costs.

Andrew Robinson (prosecuting) said Bamber changed one month into his relationship with Miss Boyd, and there were arguments and violence. The victim and Bamber split up. But on May 29th, she picked up her child from school and they were walking along the canal towards Colne Road when Bamber appeared.

He became aggressive, she tried to walk off, but the defendant grabbed her from behind, took hold of her hair and spun her round.

Miss Boyd hit him with her bag to try to get him off her, but he grabbed her around the neck. The child ran off to try to get help.

Mr Robinson said Bamber was squeezing so hard, the victim was struggling to breathe. The youngster returned with a lady from a local factory and Bamber fled.

The prosecutor said the defendant had three previous convictions for assaults on three different former partners – this was the fourth time in as many years.

Nick Cassidy (defending) said Bamber had “a number of disadvantages” and had mental health issues.

Mr Cassidy added: “He doesn’t accept the finding of fact, but he does accept he must be punished by the court.

“Custody is something he will deal with if he has to. He says he is motivated to comply with the probation service and would welcome that opportunity.”

The Bench told Bamber he had clearly shown no remorse and a child had been present during the assault.

The chairman said they were imposing the suspended sentence “to punish you and try to protect the public and stop this happening again”.