Brierfield man caught with cannabis at home

Burnley Magistrates' Court.
Burnley Magistrates' Court.
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A Brierfield man has been fined £75 by magistrates after pleading guilty to possession of cannabis.

Khalil Raja (25), of Mansfield Crescent, was also ordered to pay £85 costs after being found with 5.68 grams of the drug at home on July 11th.

Eddie Harrison (prosecuting) told Burnley Magistrates’ Court that police had searched his home and discovered eight snap bags each weighing 0.7 grams with cannabis for personal use.

The court was told Raja three previous court appearances for cannabis possession and one for possession of cocaine.

John Richards (defending) said there was nothing on Raja’s record for over two years and he had admitted his guilt both to the police and at court at the first opportunity.