‘Britain’s worst teen mum’ from Burnley jailed


A Burnley woman dubbed “Britain’s worst teen mum” by the national media will have her second baby behind bars after she was jailed for taking part in a revenge attack.

Natalie Harvey (19) was jailed for 12 months by Judge Simon Newell, at Burnley Crown Court, who said prison could help stabilise her.

Harvey, due to give birth to her second child in August, was in the dock after she assaulted a woman who had made a previous complaint of assault against her.

Mr Stephen Parker (prosecuting) told the court the incident happened at 3-10pm on August 12th when Harvey followed the woman into the McDonald’s restaurant in Burnham Gate, Burnley.

Harvey was heard by witnesses threatening to stab the woman before pulling her to the ground and kicking her.

In November, she was given a supervision order for 12 months by Burnley magistrates for the original assault.

Mr Timothy Brennand (defending) told the court that giving birth in jail could have a psychological trauma on his client.

He added she had “a very modest IQ” and had suffered a difficult childhood and adolescence.

“She has no living parents, grandparent or siblings and is separated from the father of her second child.

“Miss Harvey is terrified the child will be taken from her.

“Her background, childhood and schooling has effected her. She had an extremely disruptive childhood.”

But Judge Newell ignored Mr Brennand’s pleas not to jail Harvey and described her offence as nasty, violent and aggressive.