Burnley taxi driver fined for illegal pick-up

Burnley Magistrates' Court.
Burnley Magistrates' Court.

A Burnley private hire driver has been fined £600 for picking up a passenger off the street without them pre-booking the ride.

Zahid Nadeem was driving a Skoda Octavia private hire car when he picked up the passenger in St James Row, Burnley.

Unbeknown to Nadeem, the passenger was a plain clothes police officer taking part in a pre-planned operation to catch private hire drivers plying for trade. It is illegal for private hire cabs to pick up passengers without the journey being pre-booked.

Nadeem (47), of Colne Road, Burnley, was fined £600 and ordered to pay costs and a victim surcharge totaling £210 for plying for hire without a licence. He also had eight penalty points applied to his driving licence for using a vehicle without insurance.

The prosecution, brought by Burnley Council, was heard at Burnley Magistrates’ Court. Nadeem did not attend the hearing. The case was proved in his absence.

Coun. Tony Harrison, the council’s Executive member for community services, said: “Private hire drivers aren’t allowed to pick up passengers without the journey being pre-booked. If they do the car isn’t insured and passengers are put at risk.”