COLNE: Ex-drug addict armed with pitchfork in fracas

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A FORMER drug addict who launched a campaign of harassment against his partner’s friend, has won his freedom.

Andrew Leonard (42) threatened to stab Paul Wilson and had gone into his house, wielding a pitchfork.

Burnley Crown Court heard there had been a history of ill-feeling between the pair. Leonard, whose partner lived across the road from the victim, has been banned from contacting Mr Wilson and going onto his street.

The defendant, of Keighley Avenue, Colne, admitted harassment. He was given a seven-month jail term, but has already served it. Judge Jonathan Gibson also imposed a two-year restraining order, prohibiting him from contacting Mr Wilson and from going onto Fern Street, Colne.

Mr Jonathan Dickinson (prosecuting) said the defendant shouted through his window, urging him to go out and fight. The two men later came to blows outside the victim’s house. He went back into his home to call police and Leonard appeared with a garden fork. He tried to force his way into the kitchen, was shouting abuse and threats and broke the glass in the door.

Mr Dickinson said when the defendant was arrested, he claimed Mr Wilson was the aggressor. He alleged the victim had dragged him into his house and that was how the damage had been caused to the door. Leonard had 110 convictions, which include kidnap, burglary, assault and disorder and was in breach of a suspended jail term for three counts of battery.

Mr Mark Stuart, for Leonard, said he did not need to go onto Fern Street now, as his partner had moved. Earlier in the year Paul Wilson had made what was likely to be a false allegation which was investigated and the defendant cleared. The defendant had put his drug problem behind him.