Colne heroin supplier is jailed

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A THIRD-TIME time heroin supplier caught with a stash at a house in Colne has been locked up for five years seven months.

Burnley Crown Court hard how John Lyall had two previous convictions for dealing the Class A drug and was facing a minimum sentence of seven years - minus a third “credit” for his guilty plea- behind bars.

Lyall and his friend, David Brown, had been arrested on October 5th after police raided a house in Colne.

Lyall (30), of Milton Road, Colne, admitted possessing the drug with intent to supply. Brown (41), of Ruskin Avenue, Colne, admitted possessing heroin and was given a 12-month conditional discharge.

Mr David Macro (prosecuting) said police executed a search warrant at Brown’s father’s home in Ruskin Avenue. The defendants were in the living room. Brown tried to escape out of the front door and had to be taken to the floor and handcuffed.

Lyall was sitting there and told police: “That’s just my personal.” Eight bags of drugs were on the table.

Mr Macro said officers found nine wraps of heroin, worth £90, on the floor next to the fireplace and another £10 wrap in font of the fireplace. A further 60 wraps of heroin, worth £600 on the streets, were discovered in a chest in the living room.

The prosecutor said Brown told police he had been “having a toot” when his mate Lyall had gone round, Lyall had a toot as well and then officers had turned up.

Mr Macro said when Lyall was questioned, he made no comment. He gave a prepared statement saying there were drugs at the house, but they has been for his own use. The defendant claimed the £100 worth of drugs found on the floor were his, but only for personal use. The hearing was told Brown also had a record for drugs supply.