Colne man must pay £320 for dog fouling offences

Dog bin
Dog bin

A Colne man has been prosecuted for allowing his dog to foul in public.

Stuart Day, of Midgley Street, was ordered to pay a total of £320 by Reedley magistrates for an offence which happened on June 13th.

Mr Day had been seen repeatedly allowing his dog to foul at the bottom of Midgley Street.

Despite repeated requests to pick up the dog’s waste from one of his neighbours, Mr Day continued to leave fouling in the street.

After seeing Mr Day yet again fail to pick up after his dog on the morning of June 13th, the neighbour contacted Pendle Council’s Environmental Crime Team.

They went out to meet the neighbour who provided a statement about the fouling offence.

Mr Day was then issued with a £75 Fixed Penalty Notice. However he failed to pay the fine and was subsequently taken to court.

Day failed to appear in court and the case was heard in his absence.

The magistrates found him guilty and fined him £200, and ordered him to pay prosecution costs of £100 and a £20 victim surcharge.

If you see anyone allowing their dog to foul in public and failing to clean it up, you can report them to Pendle Council. Call 661743 or fill in a form on the website at