Colne thief targets B&M to fund drug habit

The defendant stole 53.91-worth of goods.
The defendant stole 53.91-worth of goods.
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A thief swapped an empty bag for a carrier of toys and casually walked out of B&M after meeting up with an accomplice, a court heard.

David Wright (31) was spotted in the Colne store at 1.30pm, where he was seen exchanging bags. He then left with a £53.91 haul, knowing the goods had not been paid for.

Burnley magistrates were told Wright, who has 21 offences on his record but who had kept out of trouble since 2015, told police he didn't realise what he was doing, as he was "probably under the influence." He said he then sold the toys for drugs.

The defendant, of Spring Place in Colne, admitted theft on October 17th and was given a 12-month conditional discharge. He must pay £85 costs, a £20 victim surcharge, and £53.91 compensation.

Mr Nick Dearing, defending, said when interviewed, Wright said he was ashamed of himself and that he had not used drugs for years but met some old associates and lapsed back into taking them for a short period after a fall-out with his partner.

Mr Dearing said the defendant had been prevailed upon to participate in the offence. The solicitor added: "In effect, he is the man who bears the risk for somebody else. He got a cut. He is abstinent again from any form of street drug. He is really remorseful for his behaviour."