Colne woman drives car with antique dealer on her bonnet

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A COLNE woman has admitted driving her car away from an antiques shop with a staff member clinging onto her bonnet for dear life after he had confronted her.

Mandy McGuigan (42) pleaded guilty to charges of causing grievous bodily harm, dangerous driving and

failing to stop after an accident after she drove the wrong way up a street and through a red light with Simon Webster gripping onto her car.

Mr Webster was forced to launch himself from the car around 100 metres later and had to be taken to hospital with serious injuries. McGuigan carried on driving without knowing whether or not she had killed him.

The incident happened on June 22nd last year when McGuigan went into Heathcote Antiques in Keighley to try and sell a picture.

She said: “I have a limited edition Jason Threlfall oil painting of Pendle. I thought it may be worth something and, as I’d fallen on hard times, I had tried to sell it. I needed money for bills and food.”

As she was attempting to drive away from the store in her Peugeot 307, she reversed back and hit the shop wall.

Mr Webster came out and tried to stop her from leaving, fearing she had been drink-driving and that she had possibly damaged the shop.

CCTV captured the moment McGuigan then drove forwards, with Mr Webster at the head of the car, propelling him onto the bonnet, and heading away with him on top.

Speaking after the hearing at Bradford Crown Court, Mr Webster said: “I was screaming at her to stop but she wouldn’t. I didn’t think she would stop so I had to launch myself off.”

He came off into the road suffering a broken shoulder with lacerations to the back of the head and knee. He still has problems with his shoulder.

McGuigan drove off from the scene but was caught as the registration number on her car led police to her address, where she was arrested.

The court heard how she is on medication and although she had drank one can of lager on the day of the accident, she was not over the drink-drive limit.

She was due to stand trial on a more serious charge but the court agreed to accept her previous pleas.

Speaking after the hearing, she said: “I am terribly sorry for what I did. It was out of character for me. I was going through a difficult stage in my life and felt very threatened when Mr Webster came out of the store shouting at me, but I am so sorry.”

North Yorkshire Police traffic sergeant Peter Stringer said: “We’re satisfied that the case has concluded.

“It was sheer luck that the defendant has not killed Mr Webster. She did not know what condition he was in when she left him laying in the road, she did not know whether he was dead or not.”

McGuigan will be sentenced at the court next month.