Councillors demand action on Barnoldswick property owner

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Councillors have demanded Pendle Council take action on a Barnoldswick man accused of “running amok”.

Members of Pendle Council’s West Craven Committee pressed for action to be taken on the occupier of 3 East View Terrace, Andrew Coupe.

Issues surrounding the property came to a head at November’s meeting when Coun. David Whipp called on Pendle Council’s democratic and legal department to pursue enforcement action as neighbours were at “their wits’ end”.

Coun. Whipp reported that the owners of number three had started to put dormer windows into the roof but had stopped and left tarpaulin over sections without slates in leading to water ingress at number five.

The property was added to the committee’s outstanding enforcement list in June, a retrospective planning application was refused but the applicant lodged an appeal which the planning inspectorate has declared valid and is being considered.

Nine months later, and with no resolution, the March meeting heard from Mr Coupe’s neighbour Malcolm Newbould who said he and his wife had lived in the next door property for 59 years but had “had enough” and wanted to move.

Mr Newbould said: “We are both 83 and we just want to know how long we are going to have to put up with this.”

Coun. David Whipp told the meeting: “The occupier of number three decided to take the roof off exposing the whole attic space and when stopped from proceeding then left the roof without proper protection.”

Tarpaulin was then put up, but Coun. Whipp continued: “It actually doesn’t go into number three, it goes under the slates and causes damp to Mr and Mrs Newbould’s property.”

He said people are “frightened” and “scared to death” of Mr Coupe, and added: “The current problems are on top of a litany of issues over a number of years. He just runs amok and it’s time that we got a grip on it.

“There hasn’t been any action for nine months. It’s wholly unacceptable. Pendle Council has proved itself to be absolutely useless as far as Mr and Mrs Newbould are concerned.

“I just can’t understand why we can’t do something to sort the situation.”

Coun. Morris Horsfield said: “Something wants to happen tomorrow. Nobody should have to put up with that.”

And Coun. Mike Goulthorp added: “It makes your blood boil.”