Dad-of-four grabbed weapons after Lord Nelson row


A father-of-four found with a metal knuckle duster stuffed in his jeans pocket after midnight trouble, is awaiting sentence.

Pennine magistrates heard how Scott Anthony Lyle also had a wooden bat tucked under his unzipped jacket during the incident on Manchester Road, Nelson, on January 18th. He was said to have gone home and got the weapons after a row with two men in the Lord Nelson pub.

Lyle, who was to tell officers he was “six out of 10 drunk,” claimed in interview he had had no intention of using them and had had them for his own protection.

The defendant (27), of Leeds Road, Nelson, admitted two counts of possessing an offensive weapon in Nelson and his case was adjourned for pre-sentence reports.

Prosecutor Mrs Tracy Yates said officers were driving along Manchester Road, when they saw Lyle squaring up to someone in the road.

They separated the pair and were told the defendant had a bat under his jacket. He was arrested and handcuffed and when he was further searched officers discovered the knuckle duster in his jeans back pocket.

When he was questioned, Lyle acknowledged that having the weapons was foolish. The defendant, who had convictions for battery and damage, was apologetic.

Mr Nick Cassidy, for Lyle, said he had thought his appearance before the courts in 2010 was his last.

He had been in the Lord Nelson with his partner and friends and maintained two men in there were intent on causing trouble.

An argument developed and he went home, got the two items and made the foolish decision to take them and go back to the pub and ask his girlfriend to come home.

The solicitor added: “He accepts having them in his possession and is truly sorry. He’s learned a very harsh lesson.”