“Dangerous dog” fears in Colne

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CONCERNS have been raised about “dangerous dogs” in Colne after two cats were savaged to death in just one month.

Police were informed of a white cat being mauled by a dog in Varley Street on December 6th — just four weeks after a similar incident on the same road.

Varley Street resident David Foat became aware of the second attack after a neighbour brought the cat to his house, believing it belonged to him. The injured animal was immediately taken to the vet, but unfortunately could not be saved and died on the examination table.

Mr Foat, owner of two cats, Dip and Fred, and one dog, a Staffordshire Terrier called Demon, is now worried that other animals will also be attacked, and has expressed his fears for the safety of children who play in Cleveland Street.

He believes that dogs who have been trained for hunting need to be given a muzzle, to keep them in control when they are in residential areas.

He said: “The cats were both injured by a dog, definitely.

“This is a dangerously out of control dog, I’d say. It needs to be properly controlled.

“One of the cats was a family cat, which belonged to two lovely little girls. They are completely devastated about it.

“This shouldn’t be disregarded as a bit of practice for a dog.

“People are saying they can’t let their cats out now, and I’ve told my wife not to let the cats out at night.

“People get very attached to their cats.”

Police said they are currently investigating the incidents, and community beat manager PC David Cleal is said to be liaising with the dog warden, the RSPCA, and owners of the cats and the dog.

They confirmed the dog that attacked the cats is a lurcher.

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