Dog walker fined after dogs foul on Nelson rugby pitch

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A WOMAN from Nelson who works as a dog walker has been ordered to pay £290 for allowing two dogs in her care to foul.

Julie Roach (47), of Percy Street, appeared at Reedley Magistrates’ Court, where she denied two offences which happened on November 17th, 2011, on Hodge House playing fields.

Both offences were witnessed by a Pendle Council park keeper as Mrs Roach was out walking six dogs.

The park keeper approached Mrs Roach after seeing the first dog foul and asked her to pick it up, but she did not.

Minutes later another of the dogs in Mrs Roach’s care fouled and she made no attempt to clear it up.

Mrs Roach was later issued with two fixed penalty notices, one for each dog fouling offence. Each carries a fine of £75.

But she did not pay the fines and was subsequently taken to court.

The court found Mrs Roach guilty of both offences. She was given a conditional discharge of six months and ordered to pay £290 costs.

David Alexander, Senior Environmental Crime Officer at Pendle Council, said: “It’s disgusting that dog walkers like Mrs Roach just leave dog mess on the pitches like those at Hodge House and shows a blatant lack of respect for rugby teams who play there.

“This is a problem we have right across Pendle on sports pitches and playing fields, and one that people understandably get upset about.

“Beside the pitches, there is plenty of grassland where dog walkers can exercise their dogs – they shouldn’t have to use the pitches themselves.

“But wherever they take their dogs, it’s their responsibility to clear up the fouling.

“I would particularly expect someone whose profession is a dog walker to behave responsibly and always pick up after their dogs.”

Poop scoop bags are available for free to dog owners and walkers in Pendle. Just call in at your nearest council contact point, council shop or town hall.

If you see anyone allowing their dog to foul in public and failing to clean it up, you can report them to Pendle Council on 661743 or fill in a form on the council’s website at