Drivers back police action on Vivary Way queue jumpers

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The police initiative to clamp down on queue jumping traffic on Vivary Way, Colne, has received widespread support – from drivers themselves!

Last week, we reported how five drivers had been caught in a police operation driving in the right-hand lane of the road after leaving the M65, passing queueing traffic in the left hand lane before forcing their way into the queue.

They were given anti-social driving warnings, which exist against both the car and the driver for 12 months.

Following the operation, Sgt Kim de Curtis from Colne police used social media network Facebook’s Colne and West Craven Police pages to say posts around the topic had reached almost 150,000 people and generated more than 3,800 “likes”.

A snap shot of comments (around 450 of them) found that 54 per cent of respondents thought the initiative was “great”, “about time” or “fantastic”, while just four per cent thought it was “ludicrous” or “a waste of time”.

Sgt de Curtis said: “Thank you to everyone who joined in.

“This has by far been the most discussed topic on our page so far.

“This initiative will continue.

“This started as a lone traffic officer being proactive at those lights in his downtime. It has developed into the response highlighted on our page and media interest, which has highlighted the public concerns.

“Positive action will continue, not only by our Road Policing Unit but also by our Neighbourhood Policing Team.”