Drug dealers ‘we’re on to you’ warning

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Two Nelson councillors are warning drug dealers that their card is marked.

Conservative councillors Tommy Cooney and Neil McGowan, are targeting suspicious activity that has been going on in the car park at Marsden Old Hall, just off Walton Lane.

A number of residents have contacted the local councillors on numerous occasions reporting what looks to be drug dealing and drug using going on in the park.

These complaints were reported to the local Park Keeper who confirmed that on two separate occasions, the vehicles that had been reported were observed to be involved in further suspicious activities.

On both occasions they made quick exits when they saw the Pendle Council van approaching the area.

The police were also called out but unfortunately the vehicles that had been reported had left when they arrived at teh scene. The details of these vehicles were passed over to the police.

Coun. McGowan said: “I want to make it very clear to the people involved that we’re on to you and it won’t be tolerated in our parks.

“The details have been passed over to the police who hopefully will be able to put a stop to the problem.

“I would urge local residents who spot any more suspicious activity to report it to the police or contact myself, and I will pass on the details for you.”

Coun. Cooney added: “We have requested that there be an increase in patrols by the police and local PSCOs to the site which should discourage the activities in our Park.

“The whole group of the Conservatives councillors in Marsden is committed to stopping this in its tracks and we will continue to work with the police and the Park Keeper to make sure this happens.”